“Once again, Thank You!!  I appreciate your hard work, your hustle, and your excellent communication throughout the whole process.  I definitely recommend Parker Construction for repairing old stone foundations.” 

~ Rachel S., circa 1828 home owner, Brookfield VT

“Michael was great to work with. He says what he does and does and what he says, no surprises. On top of that his expertise saved me over $10,000 versus repointing my foundation the traditional way.”

~ Graham Mink, business owner and property owner, Morrisville VT

“Michael was super easy to work with – he communicates clearly and does excellent work.  I hired Parker Construction to repair a crumbling stone foundation – and his crew was efficient, affordable, and the basement is now in excellent condition.  He saved this 100 year old house, it will last another 100 years easily.”

~ Nick Donza, owner, Donza Construction

“Michael restored my house from foundation up, beautifully and meticulously. He solved all the problems that cropped up along the way and had many ingenious suggestions to improve the overall functional and aesthetic result. I saved thousands of dollars in heating expenses this past winter, which was a huge relief. Michael was easy to work with, and he and his crew were easy to have around. The whole experience was painless, and I’m 100% pleased with the result.”

~ Rebecca Tinsman, homeowner, West Windsor VT

“Michael is professional, insightful, and personable…easy to work with.

I manage and caretake the Cabot Plains Farm in Cabot. The Farm includes 100 acres of hayfields, sugarbush and buildings. The original farmhouse is a 150+ year old farmer-built house and that includes a 15 year old addition. The original structure has a stone foundation that had begun to show serious signs of failure. The west wall of the foundation was leaning in considerably, and the other portions of the wall had missing stones, and significant weather and pest intrusion. The options to repair or replace the foundation were to lift the house and either rebuild the stone foundation or to pour a new concrete structure. Both these options came with a hefty price tag and major risk to the original structure, let alone the disruption to the landscape and surrounding grounds. We were looking for less intrusive and obviously less expensive options.

In 2012 I spoke with Michael Parker of Parker Construction about the options available to us, and he recommended reinforcing the wall through a spray-on concrete process called gunnite, that includes rebar and wire mesh support. In 2013 we contracted Michael to do the work and to say the least we were very impressed and happy with the results and cost. With minimal exterior damage to the grounds, quick completion of the job, savings of $1000’s of dollars and an added functional space in the cellar we are more than pleased.   It was very easy working with Michael. He had his crew in and out  in several weeks what would have taken months if we had lifted the building. His cost was extremely reasonable, saving us thousands of dollars. I estimate from discussions with other contractors that the price would have been at least twice what it ended up costing us not even accounting for the damage and reconstruction of the landscape around the building and potential damage to the building itself. In the end we now have a well supported foundation and a usable clean space in the cellar that was once a liability.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael Parker Construction to anyone who has an old stone foundation that needs a little (or a lot) of support. In fact, I am constantly recommending this repair to folks with old houses. Up here in northern Vermont there are plenty of these old buildings that were hastily built, yet are miraculously still standing.  This is the fix for these houses. Michael is professional, insightful, and personable…easy to work with.

~ Christopher Duff, manager and caretaker of Cabot Plains Farm


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