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Get in the 2018 season line up

Concrete season is short in Vermont.  And that gives us plenty of time for planning our summer and fall jobs.  If the wet, crumbling basement that holds up your entire house is weighing on your mind, contact Parker Construction today for an estimate.  In the off-season, we offer free estimates and explain all your options in detail, but once the roads dry and weather warms, we are hard pressed to find time to visit all jobs.  Parker Construction is accepting

2017 season a shotcrete success!

In 2017, Parker Construction completed 2 major foundation repairs in Central Vermont, and a 16,000 square foot custom concrete skatepark in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.  To accomplish this level of work, we upgraded from spraying dry-mix concrete or “gunite”, to using a new shotcrete pump to apply wet-mix concrete.  Skilled at pneumatic concrete application to achieve superior strength and durability, Parker Construction, Inc is now equipped to apply a stronger concrete in less time, with less waste.  Contact us today

Foundation Repair Estimates

Looking to buy a new home or business building?  Concerned about the stone foundation?  Is it caving in, falling apart, seeping water, slumping or crumbling?  Your building rests on its foundation – make sure it is strong and watertight.  Reinforce your deteriorating stone or concrete foundation this year and avoid structural problems in the future.  Parker Construction can reinforce your stone foundation, without moving your building, affordably and efficiently.  We take great care to deliver quality work with excellent service.