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Historic 1815 foundation restored in Downtown Stowe

Parker Construction repaired the foundation on an 1815 building on Main Street in Downtown Stowe.  The building is being restored and renovated for commercial space, and had a crumbling stone foundation.  Parker Construction jacked up the entire building, removed rotten sills, reinforced the stone foundation, installed new support posts and beams, and poured a new concrete slab to finish the basement.  Giving new life and support to old buildings, all in a month’s work! Check out how Gunite is applied,

Button up your house

Parker Construction just finished replacing all the siding on a ranch-style home in Plainfield VT.  First, the old siding is removed, and any rotten wood is removed and replaced.  After all the rot is repaired, and a insulation inventory is conducted, Parker Construction works with the homeowner to custom order the best siding and replacement windows – and improve overall insulation – so that the house will be warmer and rot-free for decades to come.

Want a dry basement this Spring?

Many foundations in Vermont leak.  Made from stone and concrete, foundations can deteriorate with time.  Freezing and thawing, flooding, water damage, and poor construction can all lead to moisture problems in your basement.  Parker Construction can reinforce your foundation, and permanently seal out water and moisture.  Affordable prices, quality work.  Keep your basements dry and your foundations strong.